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Bubble Trouble

Pop pop pop!

Type: Grid Slot
RTP: 90% / 94% / 96%
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Grid Slot
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90% / 94% / 96%
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Max Win
5,000 X
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Meet Bob the Dragon

Bob loves shooting bubbles.

Bubble Trouble is a unique first-of-its-kind game packed to the brink with features that work together to create an amazing game experience. 

The game borrows some tried and tested features and combines them with our new cluster engine using a hexagonal dynamic symbol grid.

The game is heavily inspired by popular arcade games and social games played by millions in app stores around the world. It's a perfect mix.

Play together with Bob, the bubble dragon who uses his ship to travel across the planet. Every time you spin you get a 9x6 hexagonal grid of bubbles. every bubble can connect up to 6 other bubbles to form a cluster and if it does bubbles are removed.

Bob's bubble machine will continuously spawn new bubbles to refill any removed symbols as well as unlock a new row of bubbles 6 times. Giving up to a 9x12 field.


Bob will help you

To keep a round going after a few wins Bob has 3x abilities that will trigger depending on how many bubbles you manage to remove from the grid. 



If you pop 30 symbols Bob will pull out a random bubble symbol out of his bag and pop it. All occurrences of that symbol on the grid are poped and removed from the grid triggering a refill of new bubbles.



After 50 symbols have been removed Bob will pull out a bob that he will through on the grid creating a nice hole in it that will cascade and refill with new symbols.



If you manage to win on a total of 70 or more symbols Bob will pull out his ultimate weapon the Spikey Buble that he will throw and pop all symbols on 2 columns of the grid. 


Better chance of winning the bonus Game

Bomb and Spikey feature are aimed at increasing your chance of winning the bonus game by targeting areas of the grid that does not already include the bonus symbol.


Free Spin Bonus Game