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Type: 5 Reel Slot
RTP: 94% / 90% / 96%
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5 Reel Slot
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94% / 90% / 96%
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Max Win
5,000 X
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SlotGF Alice is the second game in our unique Slot Girlfriend series.
Play along with Alice, a fantastic character known from our Swipe GF game, who reacts as you progress through the narrative of the game, which takes place in 4 separate locations. As you progress, she gets happy when you win and sad when you don’t. Just don’t keep her waiting.
The game is loaded with bonus games, offering 4 different types. ‘Super Gift’, ‘Beach Spins’, ‘Festival Spins’ and unique ‘Dream Spins’ where the player gets the chance to win big! The game starts with you running into Alice on the streets of Tokyo.
Is it love at first sight?

Meet Alice

Alice is a 20-year-old promising movie actress. She has already appeared in a few successful TV shows, having started acting as a teenager. She is trying to make it onto the big screen but needs help to relax and release all the stress from pursuing her career.

Alice is sure she will be a movie star, but what role will you play in her future? To win her heart and big prizes, you must get to know her.

Alice’s favourite colour is blue, she loves relaxing on the beach and going to festivals and parties and above all, she loves to be spoiled. As much as she likes to be shown a good time, her personality means she wishes her blessings and gifts to others.

She comes from a good background and is polite but humble, tending to be shy. But the shyness melts away when she gets to know you, and if you treat her right during your time together.

Beach Spins

If you get 3x Green 777 symbols, Alice will agree to go on a Beach date with you. Alice loves to feel the wind in her hair and the sand between her toes, starting with 5 free spins. Every time you land a Green 777 symbol, you get 1 more free spin extending your beach date bonus game. Beach Spins have a higher chance of getting wins but a lower chance of winning more spins.
During Beach Spins, you collect Blue 777 to enter the Dream Spins Bonus game.

Festival Spins

If you get 3x Red 777 Symbols, Alice will take you to the festival. Dress up and put on your best behaviour and Alice is sure to enjoy her time with you. Enjoy the magic of the festival and hope it creates a real spark.
Starting with 5 free spins, each time a Red 777 Symbol is hit, an extra free spin is added with no limit on additional spins. More free spins are likely during Festival Spins, and have the chance to collect Blue 777 to enter the Dream Spins Bonus game.

Dream Spins

Dream Spins is where the magic happens, and you have a big chance to get the big wins. Entering the Dream Spins Bonus game by collecting 10x Blue 777 Symbols during a Beach Spins, or a Festival Spins Bonus game.

Progress is displayed by the Dream Spins Meter. Enter the Dream Spins bonus game, you get 5 more free spins, any free spins from the previous game will be added to your total amount of Dream Spins for bigger wins.

During Dream spins, the centre reel is locked with the blue 777 symbols acting as a wild symbol giving a high chance for big wins. A complete line of 777’s, triggers mega wins! Blue 777 Symbols only appear during bonus game spins.

Super Gift

Like most Girls, Alice loves to get gifts! So collect gifts and get a gift for her. You get to choose the one she gets. The Super Gift feature allows you to collect gifts during the base game.
This is persisted through game sessions and is stored on your current bet size. You can see your current amount of collected gifts on the screen on the Gift Meter. Once you have collected 10 gifts, you enter the Super Gift Bonus game.
There are 5 different prizes you can win. High, Medium or Low cash price or Free spins, Either Beach spins or Festival Spins. Gift Symbol only appears on the reels during regular spins.