Texas Wild Justice

Only the quickest can deliver justice!

Type: Slot
RTP: 96% / 94% / 90%
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Play Now
Type: Slot
RTP: 96% / 94% / 90%

Saddle up and ride into town for Yolted’s latest release, set in the grimy world of the Old and very Wild West!

Texas Wild Justice is an exciting 5 reel slot with ‘sticky wilds’ and a random ‘Turkey Shoot’ feature, to keep players engaged and electrified.

Ranger Jack B. Walker

Our main protagonist, Jack is Texan born and raised.

Veteran of the Civil war, Walker came home only to find his old home town of Bitter Creek ravaged by bandits and crooks.

Jack strives to win back the trust of its citizens and ignite a flame of hope.

Jim-Bob Horton

“Surviving in the mountains and lusting for gold, with only grizzlies for company, the years of empty pans and isolation finally broke him.

Driven crazy by greed and loneliness, he is madder than a wet hen.

Wanted for a string of murders, robberies and arson, dynamite is his weapon of choice and the varmint loves the bedlam of a good explosion.”

Diego González

“His gang stayed behind after we ran off the rest of the Mexican battalions, refusing to accept the cessation of his government after the war.

Dumb as a rabid prairie dog and just as ugly, his ragtag gang of whelps stay loyal, jumping to his every bark.

Deep in his heart, he just wants chaos.”

Hank Krieger

“A drunken, two-bit Pinkerton from a fancy agency, sent to Texas by them Yankees up north to ‘gentrify’ our town.

He might claim to represent the law, but he only thirsts for power and whiskey.

Despite his fancy-talk, $50 suit, and shiny badge, he’s as kindly as a stack of fire ants, and crooked as a mule’s hind leg.”

Dolly Virginia

“Beautiful, smart as a whip, and anything but innocent.

Born in a backwater saloon to a mother who grew old making money on her back, a loaded gun in her bed, and a father she never met.

Don’t let her looks fool you, Dolly’s heart is as dark as a moonless night, her mind as quick as a rattlesnake and just as dangerous in a town like this.”

Sticky Wilds

When triggered, the feature allows the player to pick 2 of the 4 Bandits to hunt, with the Texas Ranger taking a shot at them when they land on the reels, turning them into ‘sticky’ wilds.

With 10 pay lines on 5 reels, the focus is to hit 3 scatter symbols to trigger 10 feature spins.

Turkey Shoot

The ‘Turkey Shoot’ feature triggers randomly during play, where all high paying Bandit symbols arrive in the firing line and turn wild when shot.



96% / 94% / 90%




Max Win




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