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The global health crisis has changed the way we work with each other, as millions of people worldwide were forced to learn how to cooperate with their co-workers remotely.

As many companies struggle to get their employees to come back to the office, Yolted is going the opposite route. As a ‘remote-first’ company, we embrace flexibility and encourage our employees to enjoy a better work-life balance.

Why Yolted is a remote-first company

Few companies allowed their staff to work from home before the pandemic, as many felt that they wouldn’t be as productive or responsive, despite evidence to the contrary from many studies.

However, the last two years have brought into stark focus the reality and proved that remote work is a viable, and often beneficial, alternative to the 9-to-5 office life.

Studies since 2019 have shown that most employees feel happier and more productive when working from home, backed up by huge amounts of empirical evidence that nosiness during the pandemic delivered.

For example, a report from Owl Labs found that 90% of employees say they were as productive or more when working remotely. Moreover, 84% reported that continuing to work remotely after the pandemic would make them happier.

Many companies (and human resource professionals) now understand that remote work is here to stay, even though legacy companies are asking their staff to come back to the office.

Understanding the needs of our team, Yolted is a company committed to future planning, and we believe the future of work is remote (at the very least, having the option available should it be desired).

Here are two reasons why we will continue to embrace remote collaboration:

1. Better work-life balance for our employees:

We firmly believe that our employees are happier when they have more flexibility. Remote/hybrid work allows our staff to not have to commute to and from work and enables them to use their time better and spend more time with their friends and families.

2. External recruitment:

One of the main benefits of embracing remote work is that we can hire from a global talent pool. We are no longer restricted to hiring new employees locally.

The best person for the job might not be based in the same city, country, or even continent as us.

The importance of using the best tools

While multiple studies show that remote work has numerous benefits for both companies and employees, it also has its fair share of challenges.

Few companies were prepared for these implications and had to adapt to a completely new situation overnight. From our inception, we had learned that using the right tools and procedures is essential to creating a strong foundation for remote collaboration. As a rule, we must consider new software and ways of working continuously, and solutions that ensure that we can collaborate effectively, no matter where we are located.

Whether working from home or from our office, we want it to be the individual’s choice to cater to what works best for them and allows them to be the happiest and most dynamic team member possible.

Yolted will continue to be a remote-first company that allows employees to work from wherever they want in 2022 and beyond.

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