Robo Ultra - The first game on our Cluster Engine

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Yolted Games Team

We pride ourselves on having a powerful Game Development Toolkit (GDK) which allows us to build games fast with rapid prototyping and conceptualizing whatever game ideas we have.  Our most recent addition is our brand-new Cluster Engine which is added to our existing reels, payways and table game engines. 

What is a "Cluster Engine"?

This engine allows us to very fast build games that use cluster or grid mechanics which have recently become one of the most popular game types across the world. The engine is capable of handling most types of features and mechanics you can see in existing popular games but all new and unique ones such as Hexagonal grids and clusters.

The engine can also handle dynamic grid sizes, gravitational changes, and both "clear" and "cascading" effects which gives a huge variety in possible features and mechanics available to our game designers.

First in class, Robo Ultra

Robo Ultra is a fast-paced in-your-face game that utilizes well-tested features but at the same time, it adds features that give a higher value to the player experience.

It offers a stacking win multiplier, a charge feature as well and an explosive bonus game that can reward up to 100x free spins. All you have to do is to clear the grid of all symbols.


What more is to come from this engine?

We are currently working on a world-first Hexagonal Dynamic Cluster Game that will soon bubble up to your news feed. We hope to soon blow your minds with some amazing new games using this amazing piece of technology.


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