What makes a good slot game?

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A great slot begins with a great idea

The creation of a slot is a complex process that involves many steps. In some ways, making a game is like creating a film: art, design, sound, concepts, and mechanics are combined to create a truly special end product. Each part of the game creation process plays a vital role in contributing to an immersive and exciting experience for the player.

The first stage of making a new slot is the conceptualisation stage. This is where we come up with the game’s overall theme and main mechanics. Our objective in this stage is to bring fresh and innovative ideas to life and make a slot with ground-breaking features that have never been seen before.

Once the game’s theme, concept, and gameplay mechanics have been decided, our mathematicians, designers, sound producers and coders begin working on it. The original idea will evolve dynamically throughout the building stage, and new concepts and mechanics can be added and modified until it all comes together in the final game. You’ll often find several games being built at the same time, or at least produced to a working concept stage to hone ideas, tweak features and functionality.

What really makes a slot successful in 2022?

The simple fact is that there is no set “formula” for making a successful slot. A new, modern game with exceptional production quality can still be outperformed by a basic slot game that was released over a decade ago; this is something that happens regularly.

While the theme, design and sound are important elements of a good slot game, we believe in constant innovation and presenting the right games to the right players, to fit their needs and expectations. The rise of immediate and niche media options means that slots must have the same approach. There is no longer a ‘one game fit all’ approach, especially when you consider the need of international markets.

Since players can choose from such a vast number of slots these days, new games need to stand out from the crowd and capture the players’ attention from the first day. No game provider will ever be able to make a game that fits everyone – a game that is successful in the European market might not appeal to players from Japan or South America and vice versa. As such, our games are fully localised and tailored for a global audience.

While there is no recipe for making a slot that is guaranteed to appeal to a large number of players, our games have all the ingredients needed for success in the ever-evolving iGaming industry: innovative themes, new ideas and entertaining gameplay mechanics combined with high production value and genuine localisation.

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